Believe In Yourself!

What does success mean? Usually we associate success with money and work achievement (wrongly). Contrary to popular belief, a successful person is the one who follows his dreams till the end, no matter the obstacles, the hardness, no matter anything, undertaking a huge success with them.

 Hands up if you have ever felt this sensation. It’s called personal proud. It comes every time we bring off a dream, an expectation we were supposed not to achieve, a solution to a hard problem or just a DREAM.

I have come up with this topic owing that, sometimes we start a new project which seems elusive or practically impossible to realize (achieve), and we think we cannot fulfil on it due to the difficulties it takes, or just because the hard expectations others put on us. How many times have you said or heard: " It's too much for me", "I cannot do it"... Unfortunately, thousands.

We have few and far between confidence in ourselves that sometimes we give more importance to people's comments about our life than to our own ideas. If we start something thinking that we cannot do it, that we are going to do it wrongly, then of course, it is bound to be wrong. Thus, with just a little bit of personal confidence we will go further. 

I can proudly say that I am an expert on this. As you may have realized,  I am studying abroad. At first it feared me to death, but I knew Valladolid was not my place, I wanted to move on. Notwithstanding, I chose Denmark, as my priority place to live. The main reason was its different educative system, which values critical thinking rather than creating robots who can repeat thousands of math theorems or history dates like a parrot (Spanish system). In my opinion, testing memory is not the best way to measure intelligence and I am totally opposed to  this.

I'll give you a brief example of why I have this strong opinion. Two years ago, when it was time to start baccalaureate I had to choose between Science or Humanities. I chose to course a science degree. The first year was easy to carry out, I had mostly science subjects. However, on the last year this changed. I had to take compulsory Spanish history, philosophy and literature. Most of my study time, for not saying all, was dedicated to studying subjects that only required memorizing. I'm not saying they are not important,  because culture contribute to our personal success, but they evaluate memory rather than intelligence.

For this reason,  I did not want to spend other four years memorizing for later forget. So, when it was time to make the decision of studying abroad public I heard thousands of different opinions, from "Go forward with it, it would be great for your future" to "Are you crazy?  You would be alone Add to dictionary.... Then what should I have done? Stay at home glued to my parents until I'm in my forties or live a new adventure?  Needless to answer.

So here I am, away from the comfort zone, missing all the people I have left behind in Valladolid, but happy. Happy because I know the ones who love me would always be by my side, supporting me.

Coming to an end, here I leave you some of the pictures of my first steps in Denmark, visiting Copenhagen.

Mindeankeret - NyvHavn

Absalon Equestren Estatue

Absalon Equestren Estatue


Copenhagen City Hall 

Nyhavn - Copenhagen 




  1. Completely agree with you!Many kisses from Madrid!Silvia

  2. Me ha encantado el post. Asociar dinero con éxito, es una idea equivocada. El dinero va y viene, pero conseguir ser exitoso es otra. Una debe trabajar arduamente en los sueños, en el trabajo, en la vida. Pero jamás se debe bajar los brazos, siempre hay que ir por más. Poniendo metas a cortos y largos plazos para poder ir lograndolo paso a paso.


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