A Guide To Choosing Wardrobe Essentials

Now that you wardrobe is perfectly cleared out and you have your style well defined, we are ready to move on to the third step of the wardrobe reform series!

Read carefully and pay attention, because this is the key step in order to create an adaptable and flexible wardrobe that ends the struggle of getting ready in the morning.

What are the essentials of a wardrobe? 

The essentials are the starting point of all outfits, and the key to dress better. Having a wardrobe essentials will make your life easier and much more efficient.

Having said that, if you struggle putting outfits together, you might not have the right essentials.

In this post we are going to focus on developing a list with all the essentials we need to have in our closet. The main point is to understand what you have and what you need, in that way you will be able to create multitude of outfits for every occasion. 

For me, the items I’m always coming back to are….

1. T-shirts. Tees are a must in every wardrobe, no one can deny that. No matter if they are classic, graphic or stripped tees, all of them work like a charm with almost every outfit if not all.  

Wear under shirts, camisoles, jumpsuits...
Get multiple models. 
Keep the graphical tees simple, bold & smart. 

2. White shirts. Everyone's life savior. We all should have a couple of white shirts, specially with winter coming up, where all is about layering shirts under anything.

- Pay attention to fabrics.
- Love wearing this style with denim and a big winter sweater. 
Pair them with pretty much anything.

3. Coats. Need an extra something to pull together your looks? Leather Jacket. Want to look casual but elegant? Trench coat.

- Get a leather jacket to look more polished. 
- A trench coat for summer and spring.
- A leather jacket for autumn and winter.

4 & 5. A pair of shorts and a skirt. Denim shorts are the key to every summer outfit paired with a stripped tee or a long shirt. In case of the skirt, a black high waist skirt or a pencil skirt would are the perfect essentials.

- Choose what works with your body. 
- Good news: The pencil skirt is moving out of the office and we are starting to see it in daily casual looks. 

6. Tote Bag. Simply the best. I think tote bags are the kind of item you can wear every day and never get tired of it. 

- Have at least one big big bag with as many compartments as possible. 
- Invest in a good bag - You are going to use it every day.
- In case you are planning to have only one: Choose a basic color: black, brown or blue. 

7. Accessories. A Belt, sunglasses and a watch, the ultimate accessories for polish a perfect outfit.

 - Keep it simple & witty.
- Get belts in multiple colors.
- Watch - Only steel. 

8. Dress. Every wardrobe should have a wrap dress. A short linen dress, maybe black, maybe printed or maybe with pockets. 

 - A dress that can be wore with a leather jacket in winter, and on its own on the hot summer days.
- Deconstructed, slip or sheath dresses.
- Black dress - The best for every occasion. 

9. Black jeans. Ankle, skinny or mom jeans they are all wardrobe must have. Does any one not own a pair of black jeans?

- High-waist or low rise, cropped or wide-leg, it's up to you.
- Combine then with a shirt and a sweater to get an office look. 
- Combine them with a white tee to get a casual look. 

10. Ankle boots and sneakers. Ankle boots and sneakers are always a safe option for any wardrobe.

- Choose them so they are comfortable enough to walk miles and give your outfit an extra dose of coolness. 
- Dare to mix colors. 

I am pretty sure I am missing some essentials in this list, however, I really think I could dress only with the clothes mentioned above without getting tired of them. Would you be able to do so?

Now it's your turn! Let me know in the comments what are your essentials.

Drawings by the very talented Angel Álvarez García.



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  1. Las camisas blancas. No es que sean esenciales, es que son las salvadoras oficiales. También es cierto que soy una obsesa de ellas y por eso igual pierdo criterio pero siempre me han parecido perfectas para cualquier ocasión.



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